Food - what we put into our mouths - is so intimate, so sensual. I don't just want to eat, I want to know about that which passes my lips, what impact it carries: physically, emotionally and environmentally. 

This blog is my way of documenting, experimenting with, and exploring what fascinates me most - the endless creative and nutritional potential of food. Whilst adhering to the necessity of responsible consumption in this age of over-accessibility, I want to show a way of preparing food thats healthy, innovative, and of minimal fuss. All recipes on this blog are vegetarian.

I am a food enthusiast and creative. My cooking is best described as an imaginative, flavourful amalgamation of my uninhibited African upbringing and an ode to a previous life as an Italian Mamma. All I know and love I learnt in our farm kitchen from my mother and grandmother, with produce plucked fresh from the vegetable garden, and meat reared and hunted by my father. My food is healthy with the odd dollop of indulgence. I like to keep it fresh and adaptable and I don’t believe in overly complicated processes to evoke flavour. The protagonist in all my dishes has to be the ingredient. I work mostly with vegetables, paying great respect to seasonal, high quality produce, which ideally should be so flavourful that I merely enhance what already exists. I take a great interest in food healing, and understanding how what I consume impacts my body and my mind. Wherever possible, I will find wholesome alternative ingredients to add nutritional value, just don't ask me to leave out the butter, it is my most indulgent vice! I like to employ pestle and mortar regularly to grind my own spice mixes, finding my way back to primal ways of preparation.  My ultimate meal consists of many small portions thrown together: a combination of salads, pastes, anti-pasti, caponatas and vegetable dishes are combined on a plate to create a subjective eating experience. This is what I most respect and admire about food – a deeply personal, non-dogmatic, love-infused, uniting and endlessly creative anomaly. Mealtime should be a sharing ritual, a vigour that amplifies and focuses on building a sense of community and, at the very least, to make life a little more digestible.