"Food - what we put in our mouths - is so intimate, so sensual. I don't just want to eat, I want to know the effects of that which passes my lips – physically, emotionally and environmentally."

LCvoneats is not a birdfood blog, and if you're looking for a 101 ways to purpose macha into a face mask, you won't find it here. This blog offers a fuss-free, innovative, relatable and easy-going take on food and wellbeing. Holistic nutrition is not exclusively found at the bottom of a green smoothie - the key lies in balance. My recipes are primarily vegetarian and all ingredient lists feature a nutritional breakdown per ingredient, as an entry way to food healing. I hope you'll find this blog useful, invigorating and above all inspiring enough to take your shoes out the oven and start cooking with it again. x LC


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