Mission 2018

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2018. The inaugural post. Some time has passed since I posted anything, and how I have needed this soothing time away from the screen and into the light. The double-edged sword of online publishing lies half-heartedly concealed under a quicksand of promise. On the one hand I have much freedom to my expression, yet on the other hand lie the ominous pressures of relevance - of not feeding the beast sufficiently. How else will my following grow? In which direction am I headed? Is time spent crafting my writing ill spent? Do I need to adhere to a bite-sized theme for lcvoneats to gain approval?  

Herein lies my mission for 2018: I don't desire to contribute to a stream of relevance that feels surging for sensitive old me. I want to add to a catalogue of work that grows steadily over time and first and foremost the approval lies within and for myself. I owe it to those I respect (as I do to myself) to, even when in frivolity, bring value to the ether. We are dodging debris of null in void information on a daily basis. LCVONEATS reflects the workings of a woman in flux, and as a counter narrative to our zeitgeist championing surface level interactions, I hope to invite others to relate to and share openly their thoughts, feelings, wisdoms and and prosperity (call me old school I don't care).

I recently read a quote about listening to the criticisms made of one's work. How this is the only part worth cultivating, because this is what is individual to you. I have had feedback that mine has been too exposing of vulnerability in recent times as I have made no secret of my struggle with the process of matrescence (beautifully delved into by Dr. Alexandra Sacks in her New York Times article The Birth of a Mother). In no way can i claim to be an expert on the things about which I write apart from having felt them first hand, and everything I know about food healing is self-taught, intuitively acquired and loaded with conviction. 

My great love for food and its healing properties, the mitigating potential of aesthetics and beauty in a world full of dead-end despair, the glorious prospective of meaningful exchange between us, not content clutter - this is what I choose to champion in 2018. I do hope you will indulge me on this quest. or even just indulge yourself. x Leo