In the beginning (lcvh x littleyears)


I can.not.believe that it has been almost nine months since this little bump grew twice in size still, and then somehow came of me (as if he just walked on out, whistling, right?)...! It's been one hell of a wild ride, brainmush galore, SO MANY CRAZY emotions, and the most surreal amount of love, work and dedication I never knew could even exist. When these photos and accompanying interview were taken for Littleyears last year, I still had so many preconceived idea(l)s about the whole process, and rereading this article made me chuckle a couple of times.


Though I haven't shown much of the struggle or the baby on social media, so much of what goes on behind the scenes when a newborn arrives is just not shown, or told, or shared (in my opinion) adequately. And us new moms are thrown into the deep DEEP end, able to breaststroke or no - see what I did there! With TALES OF A MODERN MAMA, I've decided to take it upon me, at least in some part, to speak more frankly about the many highs and lows of new motherhood. Keeping in mind that this is such a subjective experience, there really is so much depth to this subject. I am aware that I, like so many new moms, have fast turned into that one who speaks almost too much about her new role (only when asked!), something I vowed never to become. Honestly when you are elbow deep in shit - both literal and proverbially - you turn to others in your situation. Misery loves company, right? In all of our defence, this is a scientifically proven phenomenon caused by them hormones to make us one-track-minded in favour of the baby, otherwise the odd woman may be tempted to jump ship. I know I was close a few times. That being said, I need to emphasise right from the get go that becoming a mother has been the single most significant experience and learning curve of my life, it has made me a grown-ass WOMAN and a better person for sure. My baby is a dreamboat. It is a humbling experience beyond comprehension. I hope through this column, I'll be able to share thoughts and truths that will lend support both in commissary and in the exuberant challenges and joys of being a hot-blooded mamabird. Next week I will share some thoughts on the baby blues, or post-natal depression depending how you look at it. I said deep end, right? x Leo  

Read the full Littleyears article here. All photos Lina Grün