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Botanically classified as the the largest berry in the world, sexy pumpkin packs a punch.  

Pumpkin contains hormone mimicking substances that assist in spurring on sex drive, regulating testosterone and protect the prostate gland.

Pumpkin (depicted is the Japanese variety Hokkaido) are in season in Europe from mid September. One cup of pumpkin contains twice the recommended daily dose of Vitamin A for adults, and is vital in keeping vision, teeth, bones and skin healthy. It also contains the amino acid tryptophan which helps to regulate sleep and assists in the production of Serotonin - the happy hormone.

Pumpkin is high in carbohydrates and fibre but low in calories, making it an ideal food to consume much of, and regularly. it is gentle on the system and often used for detoxification purposes, to draw toxins out the colon and to help with constipation. Pumpkin seeds are also little miracles, containing essential fatty acids for healthy brains, as well as treating high blood pressure, kidney woes and prostate problems. 


Noteworthy nutrients:

  • calcium
  • iron

  • protein

  • potassium

  • orthosilicic acid

  • copper

  • linoleic acid

  • Mangesium

  • Natrium

  • Provitamin A

  • Vitamin B1, B2, B5, B6,C, E

  • Zinc


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