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i am a creative, writer and brand consultant based in northern germany. here wild flowers grow on emerald shorelines and seafood is abundant. my concept for a good life is defined in surrounding myself with beauty - food, objects, nature or company - and through this i find wellness and intention.  all i know and love i learnt in a namibian farm kitchen passed down from three generations of intrepid women, with produce plucked fresh from the vegetable garden and meat reared and hunted by my father. my mother - being an impeccable homemaker, artist, business woman and pillar of wisdom - lead by example how a sensitive, woke woman can make a mark in the world through vision and intent. since becoming a mother myself, i have taken on a new level of appreciation for what it means to share affection towards one's surroundings. through lcvoneats i aim to authentically convey the world as i see it; to share the thoughts that define me, the things that please me, and the food that nourishes me in mind and body.